Technological advancements have facilitated the exponential growth of social media platforms. These have reached out to audiences irrespective of geographical barriers thereby making the world a global village. In recent years, aspiring businessmen have utilized social media as an instrument to advertise their brands. 

If you are searching for an online tool that can help your business reach the zenith of success, then this article is apt for you. We have brought to ten best social media tools that are expected to create quite a sensation in 2019.

Buffer marketing tool

It is a digital marketing instrument that helps the users in posting contents on several other social media networking channels. Your posts get automatically published as per the schedule of posting. This tool further allows you to review the already posted contents on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Due to its ease of use, Buffer is now relied by worldwide brands, agencies and business houses for successful marketing on social media. 


Manual management of multifarious social media promotional accounts can be laborious to handle. This is where the Hootsuite comes to your rescue. It is a digital marketing tool which organizes and manages several social media marketing accounts through a singular dashboard. 

With this online application, you can schedule multiple posts at one go thereby curving out an influential presence on the social media. Since Hootsuite allows content saving in cloud storage, the accepted contents feature live on premeditated times and dates.

Instagram, an iOS app

Since its inception, Instagram has taken the online platform by storm. As its users’ number is surging over five hundred million, this app is expected created a sensation in 2019 as well. You can open a business account for promoting your brand on Instagram. 

Posting of delightful pictures of business products and services will tantalize the customers to find out more about your brand. Always keep “contact” option activated for allowing free flow of interactions between the company and its prospective users. 

Sendible, perfect for agency marketing 

It is special built social media marketing instruments that serve big agencies that have a wide ranged client base. If you are an agency head, then you can even customize the dashboard as per your promotional requirement. Furthermore, it integrates with several other heard and unheard social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, Slack, Pocket and Delicious. This integration helps in brand promotion on these platforms as well.

Agora pulse, simple yet useful 

Agora pulse has been around the corner for quite a while now and serves as a social media management dashboard. Quite similar to the marketing tools, Agora pulse too schedules, responds and reports features. However, its uniqueness lies in queue based auto-posting. 

It basically means that companies that have old yet quintessential contents can revive sharing of these selecting from the record queue. In addition, it provides competition analysis and the Facebook contests application to its users. 

CoSchedule , tool plus calendar

If you are looking for a tool that does more than just marketing of products, then CoSchedule is perfect for you. It enables organization of numerous promotional activities from emails and social media at a singular place. The calendar feature is beneficial for online marketers as it allows them to collaborate and manage teamwork for creating posts, events, and contents for social media channels. Opt for a monthly price plan and join CoSchedule for effective business promotion. 

Social Pilot, the ideal cost-effective marketing tool

Social Pilot provides systematic integration of social media marketing tools like analytics and scheduling on a simple and singular dashboard. Its client managing features ensure effective handling of large agencies dealing in numerous clients. You can avail all these facilities at a quite a reasonable price. 

The unique function of this tool is that it navigates and recommends relevant contents from various industries like education, health, and technology for its users. Therefore, you can keep abreast of the latest developments by going through these suggested reads. 

LinkedIn, a useful interactive platform

It is one of the largest online professional networking in the present time. No matter which industry you are from, you can reach out to millions of experienced and fresher candidates by opening a business profile on this platform. With its unique customization feature, you can design your website as per your marketing requirement.

 Be proactive in your approach and join your targeted LinkedIn group. It will help you earn numerous followers among whom you can promote your business. You must share company related information and videos as much as you can for wielding a positive influence on other users. Creating an informative company profile will trigger the curiosity of people into excavating more about your business.

Sprout Social, connects with people

Sprout Social consolidates various social media management tools into a single platform. However, customer relationship management is the most striking feature of this marketing platform. Since it has the provision of displaying customers’ profile, you can rip its benefits in form of establishing strong interactions with them. It will enable the marketers to feel the pulses of the customers and thereby serving them as per their necessities. 

Positive reviews have also underlined the quality of reports this tool has been producing. Due to their high quality, social media marketing managers download these reports and circulate them among clients with no edition at all. 

Canva, a tool that emphasizes visuals

Visual appeal is the foremost way by which you can trigger intrigue of your potential customers. Use the Canva tool for increasing the aesthetics of your online marketing planning. It comes with various templates designs that sync in well with channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can further add infographic for creating an informative enriches contents by using pictures, graphs, vectors, numbers and plenty more. Its photo frames and editing facilities will help you in creating an attractive business profile. 

The social media tools discussed above can bring sure shot business success for 2019. You can opt for one or many tools for expanding your global customers’ base. 

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