Looking for Best SEO techniques in 2019? Landed at the right place! Here in this post, we have added a few amazing SEO tips that are going to boom in 2019.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is not as simple as it looks. There is not one in the world who knows each and every aspect of SEO. According to me, It’s all about Experiments and Research. To learn SEO, You don’t have to buy any $696969… course!

All you need is to simply implement the basic SEO and start making mistakes. Yes..! You heard it right, A professional blogger is one who learns from his mistake and failure. Try all the SEO tips out there and check which method of link building or Content Marketing works for you.

PS: Start Making mistakes does not means that apply wrong techniques LOL..! Hehe…Don’t take it seriously!

Before proceeding further, Let me first give you an overview of this post. Basically, In this post, we are going to cover all major aspects and techniques of SEO which are not very common. We must recommend you to read this post till the end to get the full benefit.

I know most of you guys are wondering about these kinda questions. Nothing to worry mate’s, We will answer each and every question of yours in this post. Just go through this post once and You are ready to RocK.

Hmm… So Your first question, What is SEO? SEO is a simple technique which blogger/Youtuber uses to rank their post and video in Google Search Engine. If you want to rank your website on the SERP then you have to optimize your site according to the trending SEO. In the virtual world, SEO is of three type i.e

1. White Hat SEO

2. Black Hat SEO

3. Grey Hat SEO

These divisions are made only by the bloggers. There is no such variation in SEO by Google! Grey HAT is one of the types of SEO which may work like charm for you.

In short, Grey HAT is the combination of both Black HAT and White HAT SEO. Basically, in white hat method of SEO, we use genuine way to RANK a Website. No hacks are used in this method whereas, in Black Hat SEO, We make use of techniques which are not allowed by Google.

And the last one i.e Grey HAT, This is the combination of White hat and Black Hat SEO. We use some hacks ( which we are going to discuss in the next section of this post ) and tricks to make fool of google. In these methods, we use some tactics which are not allowed by Google.

That’s why There are chances of penalty on site. But if we use this method in the right manner then we can earn $$$$ in just a few spans of time.

Hidden SEO Techniques [ 2019 Edition ]

Here we present you the all-time best SEO techniques which works like charm in 2019. Most of the hacks listed below works for most of our site. Hoping the same for you!

Let’s break the suspense and move to the main part of this post…

#1 Expired Domains are the Key to Success

Expired Domain is those domains on which work is already done and is not renewed by the user. One can take advantage of those domains by registering themselves. The best part of Expired Domains is that links are already made on those domains. All you have to do is to search for the High-Quality Expired Domain which has good backlink profile. 

Now after searching for the good backlink profile domain, Simply register the domain and start posting articles on it. Link juice will pass from the previous backlinks which are already present in the domain. After applying these tactics, You will surely get the benefit and your post will Rank faster. 

#2 PBN is King in 2019

Those days were gone when user/blogger rank their site with few comment backlinks! Still, If you find a very low competition keyword then Comment Backlinks might work. What’s the Alternative for that? Now how one can rank a keyword? 

PBN ( Private Blog Networks ) is one stop solution for all. In PBN, You have to create a bunch of site’s and then you have to made quality and powerful backlinks. Now just add your money site link in your PBN and You are ready to rock. You will see 100% Improvement in ranking. 

#3 301 Redirect will Boom Your SERP Ranking

In this method, You have to simply register a good backlink profile expired domain and then you have to simply 301 redirect the domain to your Main site which you want to rank. By doing this, Link juice will be passed from the expired domain to the main site and it will surely help you to grab the first position of google serp for your main keyword.

Important: Backlinks Quality of the expired domains matters a lot 🙂

#4 Write a detailed post

Try to write the lengthy and detailed post! Large content ranks better than short content. It may be a myth but in my case, it works like a charm. Also, Mention each and everything related to your topic in the post so that after reading your post user don’t have to visit another site for the same information.

Make sure that your every post should be of minimum 400 words. 

#5 Quality Backlinks Rocks

Focus on quantity, not on quality! Try to produce the quality content and same apply when you are creating backlinks. Make only a few quality backlinks instead of 100’s of useless low-quality links. Make 1-2 Quality Links instead of 10 low-quality backlinks. Buy High Quality Backlinks or You can try Guest Post. Also, Outreach works perfectly in case of Link Building.


These tactics may or may not works! There may be chances that your site gets penalized by Google. Google is smart enough to track these hacks! These techniques work perfectly for few of our sites. Try these techniques at your own risk


That’s all for this post on Top 5 SEO technique in 2019. Hope you guys like this post. Show some love by sharing this post with your friends and loved ones. If you have doubt or suggestion regarding this post then please let us know in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading.

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